About Grace Curtis


5x7-Grace_155Grace Curtis’ chapbook, The Surly Bonds of Earth was selected by Stephen Dunn as the 2010 winner of the Lettre Sauvage chapbook contest. Her first full length collection, The Shape of a Box will be out in May from Dos Madres Press. Grace’s work has been nominated for a Push Cart award and has appeared in such journals as Baltimore Review, Waccamaw Literary Journal, Scythe, Reprint Poetry, and Phoebe Journal.  

© 2010-2016 Grace Curtis

8 Responses to About Grace Curtis

  1. Jeff Muse says:

    Congratulations on the chapbook, Grace! And good to see your new website. I look forward to following your work. Keep in touch!


  2. Grace Curtis says:

    Jeff, you are my role model! Your blog is wonderful and so well developed.

  3. Noni says:

    I absolutely, love reading my friend, Grace’s wonderful writings of poetry. You have accomplished so much. What a lovely birthday gift..I will cherish it and the words written…


    • Grace Curtis says:

      You are so sweet. Thank you for coming to my new blog. I am working really hard at all of this! 🙂

      You are such a great friend. I am so lucky to have you in my life!


  4. Carol DeCanio says:

    Hello Grace,
    I’m writing to invite you to be part of the Santa Barbara Poetry Series on April 14, 2012. This is a reading to honor poets who have published a book of poetry in the previous year. It would be terrific if you could lead off the reading as the winner of the Lettre Sauvage poetry competition. Fiona showed me your wonderful collection that she printed. (She has also printed a broadside and an accordian book for me.) Like you, I also organize poetry events (here). Plus…Grolier’s is my favorite bookstore. I used to hang out there when Gordon Cairnie was owner, and sat on his old brown leather couch, holding court. We’ll have to compare notes! Your website looks great!

    Best wishes,

    Carol DeCanio

  5. Grace Curtis says:

    Carol, I would be so honored to come to the reading. I think that timing word work well.

    Fiona does such beautiful work. I feel so honored to have had a book published by her. I will email you directly in a few days as I am traveling right now. We can work out the details.

    Thank you for your comments. I look forward to reading your work also.


  6. Grace, sorry I missed your call at AWP! I finally heard the message. I should have thought it through…that my phone would mostly be off during panels & readings, and the rest of the time I wouldn’t be able to hear it! I will fondly think that at some point we were in the same room together or passed each other in the hall. I hope you had a wonderful time!

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