The Dawn of a New Blog

I started this site because, well first of all, I have always wanted to blog about poetry. (Who doesn’t want to blog about something, right?) But, until a couple of weeks ago when I quit my demanding fulltime job of the past 27 years, I never felt I had the time to do blogging justice. So, now I have time. . . .sort of.  I am still working as a resource for my former employer about 20 hours a week, at least for a while. It’s a good transition for both them and me and, mostly for my husband who is entirely freaked out that I quit my job.

Second, I have a new chapbook, The Surly Bonds of Earth, that was released on June 3rd and this seems like one way to promote it.  Also, this is one way to get to talk about poetry (and the occasional other nonrelated topic), which is something I love to do and haven’t had much opportunity to do so since finishing my MFA (Ashland University ) in August, 2010. Of course, I am stumbling through this blogging process; through the nuances of working with WordPress, the occasional need to look up html code which I don’t know at all, and, through the terror surrounding this kind of personal exposure. Worse, I have the horrible fear someone will actually read it or, that no one will. Excellent! I have once again boxed myself into the no-win, anxiety-producing, uncertainty-fraught situation in which I thrive!

So, let’s just say, this short little post, is me sticking my toe into the water. I promise to do my best to try to come up with the occasional interesting comment and to try to minimize my propensity to say obscure nonsensical things that are the result of connections I make in my mind but don’t say aloud and then just assume you know what I am talking about.  Finally, if my posts do not add to the body of serious academic discourse on poetry, I will do my best to make sure they at least entertain occasionally. To that end, a poet joke:

We are suspicious of commercially successful poets; both of them.    

© 2010-2012 Grace Curtis

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6 Responses to The Dawn of a New Blog

  1. Grace, I love the Blog! I now have a place to go when I need a poetry fix.

  2. Amy Campbell says:

    Good for you, Grace! Maybe in 27 years I’ll have a blog myself… 😉 xoxo

  3. Grace Curtis says:

    Amy, no, no don’t wait that long! Your blog would be fabulous.

  4. Excellent thing to do upon quitting your job! Yes! Congrats on your book! And thanks for the review of Introduction to the Prose Poem!

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