Wanted to share a reblog from the wonderful site, Reprint Poetry! Thank you for republishing my poem. You can read the whole poem by clicking on the link to Reprint Poetry.

Reprint Poetry

Kilometers are shorter than miles.
Save gas, take your next trip
in kilometers. ~George Carlin

Tran# 237612
December 20, 2008

Just as I begin
to pump my gas
I look down
and realize
I am wearing
only a slip.
One by one,
in a show of solidarity,
other pumpers strip
to their underwear.
Only the illegals

Tran# 564441
January 12, 2009

The man
in the last pump bay
begins to sing
so loud and longingly
that we each file by
and drop coins
into his commuter cup.

Tran# 784115
March 18, 2009

Today, the station
is busy. There are
2 trapeze artists,
1 lion tamer, 4
midget clowns piling
out of an old
Alfa Romeo Spider,
1 disheveled ringmaster
and 4 snow removal
guys. The snow guys
are buying hot dogs
with mustard and onions.
There are 2 small children
sitting alone in a car
eating cotton candy

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