Listening to Marcus Speh Read His Own Work

Since I recently posted about writer’s reading their own work, I am sharing a link to writer, Marcus Speh’s engaging website and podcasts. The short fiction pieces are enchanting and the readings are mesmerizing and beautiful. He also reads from the work of other writers. Notice how deliberately Speh reads. The timing and pace are wonderful.


© 2010-2012 Grace Curtis

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4 Responses to Listening to Marcus Speh Read His Own Work

  1. Marcus Speh says:

    Hi Grace, I’m late coming to this page. Thank you so much! If you wouldn’t mind: change the link to the website/podcasts to — the podcasts are here. Thank you!

    • Grace Curtis says:

      Thanks for the update, Marcus. I have changed the links. Let me know if they are working OK. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss your fabulous work!

      • Marcus Speh says:

        you’re very kind, ty. not much done lately artistically speaking. either the social media abstinence since 6 months (getting used to it) is taking away the ambition along with the audience, or i’m all writ out (worse things have happened, to me, to the world), or (as one would like to think) i’m hibernating only to emerge from my metaphorical cave stronger though perhaps less wordful, less chatty. reminds me of les veuves by baudelaire: cette turbulence dans le vide n’a rien qui les attire (les riches).

      • Grace Curtis says:

        Marcus, I hope you return to your beautiful writing!

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