All Poetry is Local…

Well, not really. That’s something that is true of politics according to former U.S. Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill. Actually poetry is international, universal, or possibly even galactic. I just used it as a title for this post because I thought it was a catchy way to announce a poetry reading organized by poet, Elizabeth Schmidt, in my local area, Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at the Wright Memorial Public Library. It is located at 1776 Far Hills Avenue. If you live nearby, I hope you will come listen and bring your poems to read. Some of the Wright Library Poets will be doing a short reading. They include Kathy Austin, Matt Birdsall, Eric Blanchard, Erica DeWeese, David Garrison, Jeannine Geise, Fred Kirchner, Elizabeth Schmidt, Steve Thompson, Leo Walter, and me. An open mic will follow. We hope to see you there!

Wright library poets

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6 Responses to All Poetry is Local…

  1. REALLY great looking event!

    • Grace Curtis says:

      Yes, Shawn, I think it will be. I am not sure where you’re from but if you are nearby, please join us!

      • Im located in Fairfield Ohio… Not far from Dayton at all… Unfortunetly I wont be abke to make it but that still dosent mean that you wont ever see me or any other Creativa artist heading up there for a bit…

      • Grace Curtis says:

        Shawn, I look forward to it. I just realized as I was looking through your blog that you are attached to Creativa. Yes. I think we should join forces soon! We don’t do anything on a regular basis but we should plan a Megalopolis (from Cincinnati to Dayton) event!

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