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Borderlands Reading

In mid-March, I was invited by Mark Sebastian Jordan, curator of the newly created monthly poetry event, Borderlands, at Main Street Books in Mansfield, Ohio, to read poetry along with Columbus poet, Andy Roberts.  The event and the venue were … Continue reading

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Five Unexpected Benefits of 30 Poems in 30 Days

This is the first year I’ve committed to writing a poem every day during National Poetry Month. So far so good! In the past, it has always felt a little gimmicky or forced. Now that I am doing it, it … Continue reading

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Article first appeared in Poet’s Quarterly, Summer 2012. I am at no loss for information about you and your family; but I am at a loss where to begin. — Demosthenes Recently, an editor of a well-known journal posted a message … Continue reading

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All Poetry is Local…

Well, not really. That’s something that is true of politics according to former U.S. Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill. Actually poetry is international, universal, or possibly even galactic. I just used it as a title for this post because I … Continue reading

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We lost the tungsten stream through fracturing birch limbs as we scouted by road. And (now is the time and place to admit it) we were wrong. Wrong in the way a cat miscounts or a fish is fooled by … Continue reading

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Fed by Birds in Winter

          Caught on a stoop rail is a bundle-gift of seeds and leaves hand-woven into a grass basket by birds, a thank you, I think, for years of lugging seed to the feeders—millet, black-oil, sunflower, nyjer, … Continue reading

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The Villanelle–A Poem Video

In preparation for the upcoming Midwest Writer’s Workshop, at which I will be privileged to get to work with poet, Kathleen Rooney, I was assigned an article to read on the villanelle form that we will be discussing. I’ve attempted villanelles before with … Continue reading

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Creating Collaborative Haiku

A while back, a good friend, poet, Joey Connelly and I thought it would be fun to collaborate on some haiku. We each wrote, five of the two parts of the haiku, dividing the poem as described by Tom Lowenstein, … Continue reading

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2013 Poetry Chapbook Contest Announced at Lettre Sauvage–A Letterpress Story

Fiona Leggett, (pictured here) owner, operator, and director of the Santa Paula, California based, letterpress studio, Lettre Sauvage, has recently announced that the press is sponsoring another chapbook contest for 2013. This is great news! As the 2010 winner with my collection, The … Continue reading

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Tips on How to Read Poetry Aloud

For several weeks during the fifth grade our teacher read aloud to us from The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett. She read right after lunch, so I would rush from home back to school after eating to get settled in … Continue reading

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