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A Night of Art and Poetry–Double Delight

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Reveling in poet, Carl Adamshick’s poems

I’ve just reread, again, Carl Adamshick‘s debut collection, Curses and Wishes (Louisiana State University Press). I can’t get enough of his surprising, elegant, streamlined poems. Listen to Carl read his poems –

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To the Christmas Tree

  Bathed in the act of forgetting still upright light endowed upright on crutches drinking only what I give it giving all that it can a few winks now and then ball-catcher. What other relic withstands this kind of stand-up … Continue reading

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All Poetry is Local…

Well, not really. That’s something that is true of politics according to former U.S. Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill. Actually poetry is international, universal, or possibly even galactic. I just used it as a title for this post because I … Continue reading

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We lost the tungsten stream through fracturing birch limbs as we scouted by road. And (now is the time and place to admit it) we were wrong. Wrong in the way a cat miscounts or a fish is fooled by … Continue reading

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Weeding as a Source of Poetic Inspiration

I am pleased to have my poem, Weeding, currently featured in Repeat Poetry. It originally ran in Waccamaw Literary Journal. I like what Repeat Poetry does, which is to breathe new life to previously published work. It’s a site well worth following. The … Continue reading

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Fed by Birds in Winter

          Caught on a stoop rail is a bundle-gift of seeds and leaves hand-woven into a grass basket by birds, a thank you, I think, for years of lugging seed to the feeders—millet, black-oil, sunflower, nyjer, … Continue reading

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On Being a First Reader for The Antioch Review: An Interview with Poet, Benjamin S. Grossberg

As assistant poetry editor for The Antioch Review, is it the job of Poet Benjamin S. Grossberg, along with another first reader, Melissa Berton, to read the poetry submitted to the journal. They advise poetry editor, Judith Hall, on poems for potential … Continue reading

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The Villanelle–A Poem Video

In preparation for the upcoming Midwest Writer’s Workshop, at which I will be privileged to get to work with poet, Kathleen Rooney, I was assigned an article to read on the villanelle form that we will be discussing. I’ve attempted villanelles before with … Continue reading

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Poetry-Speak — The Re-Launch of Poet’s Quarterly

My essay, The Inexplicable Math of Good Poetry, in which I discusses the language used to describe poetry, is available in the most recent issue of Poet’s Quarterly.  Poet’s Quarterly is an online journal that publishes reviews, interviews and essays. … Continue reading

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